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Overview:  Do you think that interested and qualified traffic is leaving your site rather than converting into a lead? If so, Display Retargeting is the solution you need.

Display Retargeting is a form of digital marketing that serves banner ads to consumers who have visited your site but left before converting.  This allows you to keep your brand in front of a consumer who may have been interested in your offer, but was not ready to make their decision.  By staying in front of these consumers you can greatly increase your chances of them revisiting your site and converting.

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Benefits of Display Retargeting

INCREASED CONVERSIONS: Display Retargeting reaches online users who have already visited your site, so brand awareness and consideration is already high.  This leads to the highest conversion rate, on average, of any Targeted Media channel.

HIGH ROI: Display Retargeting campaigns generally have the highest ROI of any targeted media campaign. Due to the incredibly targeted nature of the campaign you can cut down greatly on unnecessary spend.

EASY UPSELL:  You can serve ads to consumers who have already converted on your website upselling other products and services they may be interested in.

MEASURABLE RESULTS:  Display Retargeting is directly measurable.  The data gathered will paint a clear picture of performance.

ACTIONABLE AWARENESS: By keeping your brand in front of a consumer after they’ve left your site you can help ensure that you are top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase.

When to Use Display Retargeting

To drive action. Display Retargeting is a perfect addition to a campaign that is focused on driving action.  When paired with other targeted digital marketing campaigns it provides a very successful campaign with a high ROI.  For a relatively low cost you are essentially getting another “at-bat” to convert your website traffic.

To maintain brand visibility. Branding campaigns can also benefit from Display Retargeting.  It is a great way to keep your brand visible and build brand awareness with consumers who may have visited your site and left without full awareness of your brand and its offerings.  This can lead to action either directly through the ads being served, or by influencing their decision later and driving them to convert through another channel.

+10% of Ad Spend

12 Month Agreement | 5% Back

Get 5% of your target ad spend back as an advertising credit on the EverWondr Network

Display Retargeting management services will be billed at a $150 management fee plus 10% of target ad spend. The ad spend for Display Retargeting will be paid to EverWondr directly and then passed through to vendor. Minimum 6 month agreement.