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Overview:  Are you missing out on customers due to low brand awareness and consideration?  If so, Display Targeting can solve that problem.

Display Targeting is a media channel in which you can target your ideal customer and serve them display ads wherever they are online. With Display Targeting you can serve your ad to consumers based on demographics, affinities, and their online browsing habits. This allows you to advertise to the right person, at the right place, at the right time.  With its immense adaptability, Display Targeting is a great tool to support any marketing efforts in achieving your marketing goals.

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Benefits of Display Targeting

IN-DEPTH TARGETING: Display Targeting allows you to target consumers based on demographic data, location, interests, and many other factors. This in-depth targeting allows you to get your ad in front of your true target consumer wherever online.

SMART PLACEMENT: Display Targeting can place your ad in front of your target while they are actively engaging with content that shows their interest in your service/product.

FASTER RESULTS: Relevant traffic will be driven to your website from the start, making sure budget is not spent waiting for the campaign to finish its run.

MORE COMPETITIVE: A Display Targeting campaign can find your target consumers, and get your brand in front of them, before they encounter your competitors.

MEASURABLE RESULTS:  Display Targeting campaigns are completely measurable, allowing for easy optimization.

COST EFFECTIVE:  Display Targeting campaigns are extremely cost effective.  There is a much larger supply of ad spaces with Display Targeting than there is with Paid Search. This allows you to get your brand in front of consumers more frequently for a lower price.

When to Use Display Targeting

In brand awareness campaigns. Display Targeting allows you to put your brand in front a very large number of consumers efficiently and effectively. These impressions help to keep your brand top of mind for consumers while also driving relevant traffic to your website.

In highly competitive verticals. Display Targeting can get your brand in front of a consumer before they encounter your competitors. This is helpful in driving action by getting the consumer to your website and offer potentially before they are aware of any options.

To boost the effectiveness of other campaigns. In addition to being a great standalone service, Display Targeting campaigns can also be used to boost the effectiveness of many other marketing campaigns.  Using Display Targeting keeps your brand in front of consumers and top of mind when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. If used with a Paid or Organic Search campaign this can greatly increase the likelihood that the consumer will search specifically for your brand rather than a non-branded term.

+10% of Ad Spend

12 Month Agreement | 5% Back

Get 5% of your target ad spend back as an advertising credit on the EverWondr Network

Display Targeting management services will be billed at a $150 management fee plus 10% of target ad spend. The ad spend for Display Targeting will be paid directly to Google by the client. Minimum 6 month agreement.