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Overview:  Does your website show up at the top of key consumer searches? If not, Paid Search is the solution you’re looking for.

Paid search advertisements are a highly targetable and measurable way to market to your ideal consumers. It allows you to place ads in specific consumer searches so your brand is shown on any search that you deem relevant to your business, regardless of your organic search ranking for the keyword.  It is a quick and effective way to get your brand in front of people who are looking for the product/service that you provide.

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Benefits of Paid Search

QUALIFIED TRAFFIC: By targeting exactly what people are searching, Paid Search campaigns can focus solely on your target customers.

HIGHER CONSIDERATION: Paid Search campaigns can use search intent to find not only interested customers, but also customers who are ready to convert.

FASTER RESULTS: Unlike many traditional forms of marketing, Paid Search gives you an immediate return on your spend.

TOP PLACEMENT: Immediately get your brand to the top of valuable consumer searches.

HIGHLY ADAPTABLE: Adapt your Paid Search campaign to your specific marketing goals, whether you want to increase traffic or drive consumers to convert.

EASY TO ANALYZE:  Paid Search creates easily measurable results that allow for simpler analysis and optimization of the campaign.

When to Use Paid Search

To rank higher in searches. Use Paid Search to boost search performance when organic rankings are consistently lower than those of competitors. Each drop in position in organic ranking represents a in clicks from any given search. Using a Paid Search campaign in these instances allows you tosignificant decrease  place ads in the highest position possible, and greatly increase your chance of pulling in consumers from relevant searches.

To achieve digital marketing goals. Paid Search campaigns can isolate consumers deep in the decision making process and bring them to your website ready to act. Bringing in consumers who are closer to the purchase can ensure that your website is being visited by consumers who not only want to browse, but also want to act. 

To reach new customers. Paid Search campaigns find those consumers who are actively trying to find your services or products rather than trying to find interested consumers based on an estimated model of your target.  This allows you to market to relevant consumers who may not have been reached with a traditional marketing campaign that is based on your model of a target consumer.

+10% of Ad Spend

12 Month Agreement | 5% Back

Get 5% of your target ad spend back as an advertising credit on the EverWondr Network

Paid Search management services will be billed at a $550 management fee plus 10% of target ad spend. The ad spend for Paid Search will be paid directly to Google by the client. Minimum 6 month agreement.